Thursday, May 19, 2005


Clearly, I've become unhinged today, but what the hell is up with all these plane diversions at times when the Administration looks really bad? Last Thursday morning a plane was diverted to Maine from London at about the same time Bolton was getting reemed by Voinovich and not being recommended by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for the UN Ambassador position. This morning, a plane from Milan has been diverted about the same time George Galloway is delivering a damning case against the war in Iraq, and on the same day we learn that this Administration was the biggest culprit in the oil-for-food scandal. We haven't had a plane diversion for months, but now we've had two in the last two weeks at strangely convenient times. Strange.

No, my friend John is not becoming overly paranoid. It's a sad commentary from an American who is too used to the government lying to us to cover their fuckups.

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