Thursday, May 19, 2005


I got a good idea for all you fucking 'Moral Values', 'Support Our Troops', 'Pro-Life' and 'Sanctity of Marriage' wingnut moron congressweasels. And for the Democrats too for that matter. Instead of lining up at the trough to get your share from the federal budget, inform your constituents that you will earmark all of your 'local appropriations' to supply the proper equipment (up-armored Humvees, flak jackets, batteries, radios) to the troops in Iraq and reimburse the families and groups who have spent thousands doing the job at which Chimpy Inc. failed so miserably. I could do without a new park, or exit ramp, or some other bullshit for a while so our troops aren't easy pickings for the 'insurgents'. I'd have a hell of a lot more respect for my Senators and Congresspeople if they did that rather than giving federal money to the Bottle Cap Hall of Fame.

Update: 19:15:

The lovely Pam speaks on just this subject over at Big Brass Balls . . . er, Blog.

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