Monday, July 18, 2005

Boston writer takes time off from man-on-dog action to thank Senator

Michael Blanding replies to Santorum for outing Boston as the modern-day Gomorrah that it is. Via Alternet.

We, the depraved citizens of Boston, would like to thank Sen. Santorum for recognizing our city as the modern-day Gomorrah that it is, and pointing out all the ways that Boston has led to the moral decline of the nation.
With all due respect, however, I don't think you've really considered how far the wrong way Boston has taken them. Truth be told, our sick culture of sexual depravity goes back a lot further than gay marriage and Catholic priest abuse. Take the Puritans. I mean, talk about alternative lifestyles! The constrictive clothing, the stocks and irons, the public hangings, the dunking tanks, the flamboyant letters pinned to their breasts ... Massachusetts Bay Colony was like an S&M dungeon waiting to happen. And those were the same folks who founded Harvard University, spouting some crap about the need to train a literate clergy. Whereas we all know that literacy just gets in the way of the quick snap judgments and moral superiority that right-wing clergy (and for that matter, certain senators) really need to do their job.

Go read. I've been to Boston. Kinda like a little New York City on steroids. Remind me to tell you a story sometime about my experiences in the now-defunct "Combat Zone". I like Boston.

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