Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sunday funnies

For those who see MTP later, John Podesta (Clinton's former Chief of Staff) gives Ken Mehlman (RNC Chair/Closet Queen) a weenie-whacking on the Plamegate deal. Even Russert inflated his raisins and asked some tough questions. All Mehlman could do was recite talking points.

Two of my favorite girls were on McLaugh-In. Eleanor Clift per usual and Raghida Dergham of Al-Hayat whom I just adore (I based a character on her in my book The Fourth Estate). She proved, at that fat bastid Tony Blankley's expense, that Blankley is a moron and an RNC shill.

And will Joe Biden (D-MBNA) just shut the fuck up and go away, please? He's shown himself for the whore he is. Time to give him a primary fight. Orrin Hatch (R-Mormon) is a bleeding asshole.

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