Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To live and die in polling land

Stolen fully and completely from Kevin Drum:

LIVE BY THE POLLS, DIE BY THE POLLS....Garance Franke-Ruta reports that a new ABC News poll shows plummeting support for the White House's handling of Plamegate. Only 25% of the respondents felt that the administration was cooperating with the investigation - and that was before both Time and Newsweek splashed Karl Rove's picture all over their covers this week. At that level, it means that even some true believers are starting to doubt George Bush's sincerity in the matter.

Why? Probably because a lot of Bush's supporters genuinely believe that exposing the identity of a CIA agent is a bad thing to do even if you're mad at her husband. They might be running out of patience with Bush on this. [my emphasis]

Exposing the identity of a CIA agent working to halt the proliferation of WMD and the financing of terror cells. In all, thanks to the Plame outing, nearly 100 covert operators, those working for her front company, were rendered useless and probably marked them for execution. In other words, we're only fighting the 'War on Terra' if it's politically and financially expedient for Chimpy Inc.

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