Friday, July 22, 2005


Where'd it go? I mean, Blogtopia (y!sctp!) is on it. The Sister, the Heretik, Freiheit und Wissen, Pam, and everybody else has been doing their parts, but where'd the news coverage go? I realize the terror attacks and Rove's plight (a good thing) pushed it farther down, but Jesus, you think they could cover Rep. Conyers' doings once a week maybe? The disconnect on the part of the media is astounding. Can't someone put together the facts of Plamegate and 'fixing the facts', as the DSMs illustrate, are part of a criminal pattern undertaken by the Bush administration and show it to the American public? Everything the Republicans do is part of the ongoing cycle of crimes and coverups on the part of Chimpy Inc., all while they raid the nation's coffers of our treasure. Rove should just be the first of those facing indictments as the year progresses.

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