Monday, October 17, 2005

In a nutshell...

William Rivers Pitt on Traitorgate and WHIG:

In a New York Times article published on Sunday, columnist Frank Rich buried the dart right in the center-black. "What matters most in this case," wrote Rich, "is not whether Mr. Rove and Lewis Libby engaged in a petty conspiracy to seek revenge on a whistle-blower, Joseph Wilson, by unmasking his wife, Valerie, a covert C.I.A. officer. What makes Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation compelling, whatever its outcome, is its illumination of a conspiracy that was not at all petty: the one that took us on false premises into a reckless and wasteful war in Iraq. That conspiracy was instigated by Mr. Rove's boss, George W. Bush, and Mr. Libby's boss, Dick Cheney."
George W. Bush declared a national emergency in this Executive Order for one reason: to lock down the oil, and to give total legal cover to Dick Cheney's Halliburton, so they could do whatever they wanted to get their hands on it, and to get paid for it. Here we have Bush's fingerprints, and here is the reason for not only attacking Wilson, but for chucking up a war that was not necessary.

The payout.

The Office of Special Plans to the White House Iraq Group, Cheney to Langley and Bush with his Executive Order, a war to get paid and cash money, honey, for Halliburton and friends. Rove and Libby are small fish. If and when they get fried, the stink may well fill the Oval Office. If George and Dick come out of this unscathed, Mr. Fitzgerald may as well have stayed in Chicago.

I'd like to see Dick and Bush scathed big time, but I slightly disagree with Mr. Pitt: If Mr. Fitzgerald had stayed in Chicago we wouldn't have the present probability of indictments of a couple of fairly big fish. If the evidence points higher than that, that's even better, but I'll take what I can get.

If Bush and Cheney go down behind this, Mr. Fitzgerald will be a national hero for having the guts to pursue criminals at that level. Let's hope it happens and sends a message to the lesser administration criminals: Your time is coming.

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