Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What to do

Hesiod has some ideas for the WH Press Corpse:

[. . .]

"Will the President pardon any of the indicted members of his administraion?"

They should hammer Scott McLellan with that question, and every single Bush official who goes on Sunday talk shows, and even Bush himsefl when they get tehir precious few opportunities.

They should never let up until they get a straight "Yes," or "No" answer. It ha sto be definitive. No caveats, or escape hatches.

And, every single member of the Democratic party, and we bloggers, must ask this question every single day OF the news media. Force them to ask the question.

The Democrats show demand that Bush say whether he'd going to pardon anyone every time they go on a talk show, or are interviewed. Period. [my em]

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