Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I was gona write this post yesterday afternoon, but consider this my way of counting to 10. I don't like being strong-armed, and I especially don't like it done to me publicly. What am I talking about? Let me explain.

The Dark Wraith is doing this fundraising thing for Shakespeare's Sister, a fine endeavor and I admire the effort. Shakes is a friend, I'd like to consider her a sort of protege back almost a year ago when she got started blogging. I'm proud of her and her success in Blogtopia (y!sctp!). I fully planned to contribute and still do, without being challenged to do so publicly. I don't need to be goaded to help people. I just don't do my philanthropy in public. That's between the Mrs., my accountant, the IRS, and me. I'm not philanthopic for accolades or recognition and I don't broadcast what I give to whom.

Not that it's anybody's business, but I was looking over our tax returns for last year and I see the Mrs. and I donated around $20,000 to causes that are dear to us. We don't need to be challenged to give. We both know what it's like to be on the balls of your ass (we were both unemployed for a year a while back) and we feel it's our duty to give back when we can.

In attempt to avoid embarrassment on anyone's part, I shipped off an email to DW early yesterday morning making an offer and explaining that I don't do my philanthropy publicly. Unfortunately, that fell on deaf ears and I was challenged publicly, hence my reasons for this post. It's also why I'll make the same offer here, today, publicly.

Shakes will get my $50 donation this afternoon that was a given. What I will do to sweeten the pot though (lord knows if this will be an incentive to any of you), is I'm offering up the complete collection of all the novels I've written that are currently in print (8) to the person who gives the Shakes' the largest donation. They'll all be signed as well, commemorating the fact you gave the most to the Shakes' fund. Since DW's challenge is ended on 22 Oct, I'll close this offer then too. Shakes can let me know who donated the most and I'll ship 'em to ya, so go over and contribute.

For future reference. If anybody wants money from me, contact me privately and I'll consider your cause. I don't respond to pressure tactics or public strong-arming. It usually garners the opposite of what you're trying to achieve (Not in Shakes' case of course because we love her). And DW, the way to go is never threaten me with violence, real or figurative (slap-slap), my knee-jerk response is not pretty.

And Shakes, sorry about not running this by you first. Let me know if you're not cool with it and I'll withdraw the offer.

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