Monday, October 17, 2005


Publius has more on that piece of shit Ralph Reed.

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But the real outrage - and one that should cause social conservatives to tar and feather Reed - is the absolute contempt he had for well-meaning, sincere anti-gambling activists. He exploited and manipulated them to serve the interests of gambling interests - interests they thought they were opposing.

Even before the eLottery scandal, Reed had used social conservatives as patsies in the service of Abramoff's Indian casino clients.

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There is more than one level of absurdity here. First, you have Reed taking steps to protect gambling interests because he was paid to do so. Second, Reed's strategy for protecting gambling was to attack opponents who supported an anti-gambling bill as being soft on gambling (thus exploiting sincere opposition to gambling by lying). That's truly amazing - his entire strategy was to lie to anti-gambling activists and assume that they would be completely ignorant about the content of the bill. Third, he was willing to undermine elected (though vulnerable) social conservatives - his supposed comrades-in-arms - in order to protect gamblers. That's truly amazing stuff.

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This guy would pimp his own mother and then bust her for prostitution to make a buck on both ends. There's a special corner in Hell for this asshole, right next to his buddies DeLay, Abramoff, and all the rest.

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