Thursday, February 16, 2006

Berchdesgarten in Phoenix

Found at Blondie's:

Arizonians came up with a bill to put flags in all Arizona school classrooms by 2007 because quite frankly, they don't think that people are patriotic enough or understand their heritage and American made flags in the classrooms will take care of that problem.


I wrote about this a year ago.

I remember my mother telling me about the year (August 1936) she returned to school after summer break to find Hitler's picture hanging in every classroom. She came home that day and told her mother (my grandmother), who dutifully marched up to the school with my mom the next morning. The conversation with the headmaster went something like this:


Liz makes the salient point:


I don't know... how about teaching American history in the schools? The constitution? Nah, that's ok, you don't have to be book smart to be patriotic.


You just have to be loyal to the end.

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