Thursday, February 16, 2006

What would happen to me...

If I shot a friend in the face accidentally:

1. The cops would come immediately and take me away.

2. I would be poked, prodded, and sampled for any signs of alcohol or drug use.

3. Should I choose not to retain a lawyer, I would be interrogated for hours until I told the cops what they wanted to hear. If I do retain a lawyer, I would be arrested immediately, pending arraignment the next morning. (oh, it happened on the weekend? I'd be locked up until Monday morning.)

4. I would be charged with attempted murder and an extraordinary amount of bail would be levied.

5. My friends and family would be harassed and questioned until the DA could find enough speculation and innuendo to suggest I had some sort of motive for shooting my friend on purpose.

6. Corollary to #1 - should I choose to take my friend directly to the hospital and not call the cops, the Emergency Room staff would call them for me and I'd be arrested there. I'd be charged with additional counts for attempting to cover up my actions and obstruct their investigation.

Same circumstances, but I'd be in jail. The Vice President gets a pass and is still walking around free. What a country.

And just a note: If I would cop an attitude with the police like I'm doing them a favor talking to them, I'd get thrown the beating of my life. Don't see a mark on Ol' Dick.

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