Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Spineless bastids


So it looks like the Judiciary Committee is going to do the big el-foldo on the NSA spying scandal and some Democrats in the congress are going to simply vote to make the Republicans make the president's illegal program legal and call it a day. Once again their losing strategists have misunderstood why Americans believe that they are weak on national security. Indeed, if they capitulate on this they will have reinforced that image much more than if they oppose it outright.


Once again, the Democratic Party is going to roll over and play dead. Watching that boob Bill Schneider at CNN just now, his report implied a lot of dissatisfied, angry voters out there. If the Dems would just show some real leadership, these folks would follow in droves and give them a true mandate. Instead, it's a half-assed, limp-wristed response as usual.

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