Saturday, February 18, 2006

Getting His War On

In the left sidebar of the Brain is a rude-but-right-on comment by David Rees of mnftiu, creator of the strip "Get Your War On". L.A. City Beat has the first story I've seen about him.

Laughing at real-life horror like cluster-bombing Afghani children or floating bodies in New Orleans is bound to offend, and Get Your War On spares no one. The strip excoriates the Bush administration, the military, religious extremists of all stripes - it has the audacity to laugh at death itself - and exposes the apathy, fatigue, and bafflement experienced by almost every American. It has also become immensely popular, appearing exclusively in every issue of Rolling Stone and getting 25 million hits a year online.

If you're interested, go read. Readin' makes ya smart.

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