Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I haven't been spending as much time blogging and watching the news in the last couple weeks since I've been playing husband and wife lately (not a complaint; in fact I enjoy taking care of the Mrs. for once. Usually she's the one nursing me after I've been punctured, broken, or torn off a body part).

So yesterday, all I see is Chimpy McFlightsuit on every channel, 'convincing' the American people he did the right thing going to Iraq. I'm not convinced, but I doubt anything he says could make me change my mind. The thing that stuck me though, more than any of the bullshit he was shoveling, was his body language.

He looked like a guy who knew he was wrong. Didja notice every time he looked down or away from the reporter he was addressing? This isn't just a difference in point of view, this is a man who knows exactly what the consequences of his actions and policies are, knows he's fucking his fellow Americans and is not trying to convince us his way is better, just trying to get us to accept his lies as fact. Trust me, being in the car business for the better part of my life, and the military for the rest, I've developed an extremely good bullshit detector.

Kudos to Ol' Helen Thomas by the way, whose question, "Why did you want to go to war in the first place?", elicited the most emotional response from Bush. Know why? Because she hit it squarely on the head. Bush wanted to go to war in Iraq and nothing would have deterred him. That's obvious.

Now, after five years of basically no real interaction outside of scripted, rehearsed GOP lovefests, why do you think they threw him out there yesterday? If you listen to CNN's Candy "Rubens would have loved me" Crowley, you'd think the Chimp's 'people' like him out there 'just like the 2000 campaign when he was so good'. But if you think so you'd be wrong. The Repubs are scared shitless because they know the American people won't believe their lies anymore and they are desperate. If they'd wanted him 'out there' so badly, he would have been. A lot. They know, if they lose control of the House and Senate in November (and they could, even if the Dems perform per tradition), the Chimp will be out of office by the following Fourth of July.

Note to Dems: Now is the time to shove the knife in and twist.

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