Wednesday, March 22, 2006

White House Jumps the Shark

Andy Borowitz via Truthdig:

The recent woes besetting the Bush administration offer conclusive proof that the White House has finally jumped the shark, an expert in the field of jumping the shark said today.

Jumping the shark - a phrase referring to the phenomenon of a long-running television series suddenly becoming irretrievably bad - has never been used to explain the rapid deterioration of a presidency before.

But according to shark-jumping expert Jace Monteith, "The Bush administration is beginning to look like the fourth season of 'Saved by the Bell.' "

"If you were reading TV Guide and it said, 'This week, trouble ensues at the White House when the vice president shoots a man in the face,' you'd be like, oh, man, they're running out of ideas," Mr. Monteith says. "What are they going to do on next week's episode, give the ports away to Arabs?"

Mr. Monteith thinks that recent calls by Senate Republicans for President Bush to bring "new blood" into his administration are yet another ominous sign the White House has jumped the shark.

"That's something always done to make a show last for another season or so," Mr. Monteith says. "I don't know who the White House has in mind, but I hope it turns out better than Scrappy-Doo."

Usually, I'll just let you go there and read the comments for yourself, but this one I felt you should see:

I suggest that in the minds of the MSM addled America, Bush jumped the shark when he nominated his own "Leather Tuscadero" character, a swooning Harriet Miers.

Meanwhile "Pinky Tuscadero", er uh, wife Laura was touring the world telling us about fictional advances in womens rights.

Simultaneously the MSM has been feeding us "Jonie loves Chachi" world news as if everything is OK.

I feel like Ralph Malf...

Wheres the real Fonz when we need him?

Hey, Fixer, if you've got a leather jacket and a comb, I've got the Triumph...

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