Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Can you hear it? The new Repuke line: "If Dems get control of Congress in November, their only agenda is impeaching the President". You see what they're setting up, don't ya? Whiny ass baby Ken Mehlman was on Wolfie's last night pushing just that. Know why? They got nothing.

The Rethugs surely can't run on their record over the past 5 years, can they? The only thing they can do is get the Dems to say, 'no, impeachment isn't foremost on our minds', or get an unequivocal 'we're not going to impeach the President'. If the Dems past perfomance is any indicator, they should roll over shortly and come out on the record vowing not to impeach the Chimp. Wouldn't surprise me.

Me? I'd say 'you're damn straight we're gonna impeach him, first chance we get'. And then proceed to lay out the case why. And then promise to pursue criminal charges after he's tossed out of the White House. But you know what we'll get, don't ya?

The Dems'll say, 'oh, we're taking the high ground' or 'the country doesn't need an impeachment fight in time of war'. Fuck you, pussies. Groveling and sniveling in fear is not taking the high ground. Taking the high ground is getting sprayed with Repuke verbal diarrhea and standing up for what's right, regardless of the amount and intensity. See: "Feingold, Russell" if you're unsure how it's done. This means you Nancy Pelosi.

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