Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Just shut up

Okay, I'll probably piss off some of my neighbors with this, but I'm tired of the 9/11 families inserting themselves into the WTC planning. You gave your input on the memorial, probably more than you had a right to, now just shut the fuck up. We have a 16 acre hole in the fucking ground going on 5 years now. Your loved ones will be memorialized, that's set in stone. Stop trying to spend the city's money like it's yours. If you keep this up, the memorial is gonna cost $1bn by itself.

A state supreme court judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by 9/11 families who wanted to preserve the footprints of the towers.

The families had accused the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation, the agency in charge of the design, of not consulting with them, which is required by state law.


They are not gonna make 16 acres of the most valuable real estate in the world your private memorial park. Ain't gonna happen. The city and the Port Authority stand to make too much from the land. It's time to accept what you're gonna get.

It's like my aunt. My cousin passed away 15 years ago from malignant melanoma in his late 20s. My aunt has turned his room into a shrine and her life stopped the day he died. For 15 years, she's spent her time memorializing him in some form or another. It's not healthy, people have to move on, and it's the same for 9/11 families. For your own sakes, don't let this consume you. If 9/11 and the memorial to the dead becomes your entire life, you're not going to have any life. Ask my aunt. All her friends have moved on and all she's left with are memories and depression. And a little room at the end of the hall where she spends her days reliving the past.

It's time to accept this and move on, for all our sakes.

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