Wednesday, May 17, 2006

No comment necessary


No, Tony - let me remind You. I'm a fucking American citizen and a human being. The government has no, let me repeat, NO fucking business collecting information on my phone calls or listening to my phone calls - especially without a warrant. Just because President My Penis, Mightier Than the Sword thinks he's James Fucking Bond with a Bat-phone to God doesn't mean that anyone in this administration gets to listen in when I call the bank/doctor/pharmicist/therapist/Tom Delay's gay ex-lover.

And if you macho men think you can drag your filthy fingers thru America's private lives in an attempt to intimidate the Press, well... you can go fuck yourselves from here to Peru and back. "Constitutional obligation"? Go piss up a rope, Tony. Your boss couldn't pass a Jr. High Civics exam if you filled the answers in and asked him to write his name on the top of the paper, so don't try wrapping a red, white and blue ribbon around your cock before you skull-fuck the press. You know, the guys and gals who are asking you questions while the NSA is rifling thru their phone records to see if somebody with a fucking soul decided to say "Enough is enough!" and call them?


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