Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Spring Break, Part 1 of ...

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U.S. Route 6 starts in Bishop CA and doesn't stop until it runs out of U.S. When I was a kid, it started in Long Beach and ran from sea to shining sea, thus proving that things shrink as they get older. Tell me about it! It is also known as "The Grand Army of the Republic Highway".

Someone either is still sore about the outcome of the Civil War or doesn't like Northeastern Libruls, or both. Note the bullet hole just below the "3205 Miles". Actually, that's not too bad for a Western road sign in deer hunting country. It looks like it's way out in the country, but the business district of Bishop starts about a hundred feet behind where I stood to take the picture. A disgruntled employee at the Ford dealer, perhaps?

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