Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Rich really are different...

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We have been having to stop for this for a month now on our every-coupla-weeks-or-so shopping trips to Carson City. On our way home from vacation I finally had a camera with me.

There are a lot of rich people at Lake Tahoe, but "Income Village" has more than its share. (Note: a lot of the year-round folks are there to service the richies when they deign to come to town.) Nevada goes real easy on personal and corporate taxes is one reason, so a lot of folks either relocate there or maintain second homes. Go see what their idea of a "vacation cabin" is like.

Are you back? OK, get yer jaw up off yer chest and wipe the spittle off yer shirt. Thought I was kiddin' about those folks havin' moolah, eh? Ha! Kinda makes me wonder what they have to do to other people to get a pad like that for a second home!

Ben, Adam, Hoss, Li'l Joe and Hop Sing used to call IV home, but they cashed out last year.

What this project is, is diggin' up the highway to put in a sewer. There's no wastewater treatment at North Lake Tahoe, so it's for shipping it elsewhere. The folks on the California side send theirs up over a mountain to get it to a plant in my town. I applied for a job there once, and they showed me a pair of swim fins and a stick...Seriously, it's a world-class facility and people come from all over the world to see it. But I digress.

Here's my point: Reg'lar folks flush the toilet, etc., and their sewage is pumped to a shit plant.

The Affluent have effluent and it's exported. If not to the reg'lar folks' neighborhood where it can be turned into sewage and pumped, then I bet it's goin' someplace nice. We should probably be grateful for the rose-y smell of money!

Same ol' shit.

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