Thursday, June 7, 2007

2002 redux

Ooga Booga, the Iranians are coming!

You know, I wouldn't be surprised the Iranians are helping the Taliban, though the majorities in both groups belong to diametrically opposed sects of Islam. I can believe they put their 1000 year old differences aside to fight 'The Great Satan', really I can. If things get worse in Baghdad, I can envision the Shi'ia joining up with the majority-Sunni al-Qaeda, yes I can. The 'enemy of my enemy ...' and all that bullshit.

But, my dear Brian Ross of ABC News, if you're gonna put forth that these enemies have banded together in their fight against us, you might want to quote someone besides 'coalition officials' and 'unnamed sources' and one clown from RAND.

Ross has been the conduit for the WH to release 'damaging' information about Iran in their attempt to broaden their war. If we were really, concerned about Iran's shenanigans in Afghanistan, which we should have seen coming, we wouldn't have wasted so many resources in Iraq and sealed off the Afghani borders, sort of exactly what we failed to do in Iraq.

Sorry, but after 6 years of the Chimp, and the tide of bullshit we've been fighting against, I believe nothing until I see irrefutable proof. Hearsay went out the window with the Iraq invasion.

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