Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Playing to the 'base' ...

Unfortunately, I caught a little of the Rethug debate while waiting for Mrs. F's flight to get in from Columbus. After bleaching my eyes and ears, the overwhelming thoughts were;

1) They're playing to the base. The hardcore 28 percenters, the guns, god, and gays crowd. Note to Rethug Presidential candidates: 28% will not get you in the White House.

2) What a buncha fucking idiots. They sound like a buncha fifteen year olds. Is the norm for GOP candidates to have double-digit IQs?

That said, Digby sees the same things:


The rhetoric coming out of these guys is really quite extreme, even by GOP standards, but I guess that's just because the front runners are all a bunch of flipflopping hypocrites who have to fake some kind of red-meat qualifications for the base. They've opted for bullying machismo, which is actually quite smart. It's the tie that binds. They certainly have given up on the "law 'n order" platform with their nearly unanimous support for a Scooter pardon -- especially the ex-federal prosecutor Giuliani who couldn't stop whining and twisting his little lace hankie about how unfair it all was.


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