Sunday, December 16, 2007

Signs of the times

Me 'n Mrs. G just wrapped up what little Christmas shopping that we do, and while we were out I saw some fun stuff I thought I'd share.

At Joby's Music, which also does a fair imitation of a head shop in this day and age, where we got a record and some peace sign earrings for Mrs. G:

"Marilize Legauana"

On some holiday napkins at the best one-stop shopping spot in our little town, distinguished by the smell of fryin' plastic, this ditty which sums up the spirit of the season quite well, I think:

"On Dasher
On Dancer
On Master and Visa"

And at the candy store where we got a white chocolate truffle each to celebrate being over and done with the commercial end of Xmas for another year:

"'Stressed' spelled backwards is 'Desserts'"


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