Thursday, December 20, 2007

Snow Day

We got another foot of snow overnight, so I was out bright and early this morning participating in the Sierra Nevada Homeowner Winter Pentathlon, which consists of:

1. Snow shovelling
2. Ice scraping
3. Snowthrowing, with sub-event
a. Trying to keep the dog's nose out of the augur
4. Stand under a pine tree when it unloads its snow (aced this one! It's all in the timing...)
5. Try to not fall on your ass

I learned something (again) and I'll pass it on: empty the snow out of your hoodie before you put it on your head.

Anyway, after all that exertion, which is good for you, I was taking off my snow boots and felt the dreaded sproinggg! in my lower back. Uh-oh. I basically just got Mrs. G's truck out and had lots more snow to move. I can do it in pain (lotsa practice) but it's no fun.

Mrs. G called and I told her about it. She said, "Gee, it's too bad we don't have one of those Shiatsu massaging cushions."

At this point, the lights came on in my head and I went and (gently) unwrapped her Christmas present.

Fifteen minutes with that thing and three ibuprofens and I'm rarin' to go! If you have need of a back massage, I recommend one of these gadgets. It's a lot cheaper than the alternative, the Japanese massage lady who walks on yer back. Unless she doesn't eat and can sleep standing up in the closet next to the vacuum cleaner, of course.

Did I mention that the storm passed by and the Sun is brightly shining and it's a beautiful day? See ya.


Yes, I remembered to re-wrap Mrs. G's present. Loosely, just in case...

She'll never suspect a thing...

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