Friday, February 29, 2008

Dear Congress ...

Can we please forget about steroid-doing baseball players? Good Christ. With the list of 'Fuckups That Have Returned To Bite Us In The Ass' by the Bush administration growing ever larger daily, do you really have the time to worry about what Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds inject themselves with? There are life and death issues, economic issues, and social issues to deal with and Congress wastes their time, let alone the resources of the FBI, to investigate a couple spoiled, overpaid prima donnas?

Wake the fuck up, for crying out loud, before this country becomes broken beyond repair. Athletes taking steroids should be dealt with by the various sanctioning bodies. The business of Congress is to deal with issues affecting the welfare of the American public. Put as much time into investigating the Chimp's illegal misdeeds as you do crawling up the Rocket's ass and we'll be fine. Idiots.



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