Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stay Klassy, Florida

Princess Sparkle Pony

Ooh, neat! Florida, I think it's super that you're thinking of having festive "Confederate Heritage" plates:

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How chic! But why not add a few other designs? Here, I've made some for you:

Didn't those fuckers lose the war over slavery? Why do they want a symbol that says 'We Being Ignorant Racist Losers' on their cars? What is wrong with those people?

What's wrong with the rest of us? Why do we even allow them to display symbols of racism and intimidation? They don't let 'em fly swastika flags in Germany.

Note to the Confederacy: Try that 'secession' thing again. This time we'll let you and you'll all starve to death without our tax money.


There's an upside to this ignorant outlook, a silver lining if you will:

Whatever it takes...

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