Monday, February 25, 2008


Tony Peyser

Ralph Nader said Sunday he will run for president as a third-party candidate. On "Meet The Press," Nader admitted, "I have no real desire to lead this nation. I'm just a lonely, sad, bitter old man who desperately needs attention more than Paris and Britney combined. I'm Lyndon LaRouche for Tim Robbins fans."

Defending her husband on charges of an improper relationship with a lobbyist, Cindy McCain said he would never done anything to "disappoint the people of America." Lincoln Savings went bankrupt in 1989 and more than 21,000 mostly elderly investors lost their life savings. John McCain was in Charles Keating's pocket and had plenty to do with those senior citizens' financial ruin. Cindy, jump in here anytime you feel like it.

Lobbyist-hating John McCain is surrounded by lobbyists -- from his campaign manager to his Senate Chief of Staff. McCain forced to admit they're lobbyists but swears they're all "honorable." Yeah, and every person President Bush said was "a good man" was a good man.

I don't think all lobbyists have sex with politicians but there is something hooker-esque in their job description. To let all of us know exactly how many there are, let's have Lobbyists Day in Washington where all of them -- even the men --- have to go to work in high heels, short black skirts, and fishnet stockings.

Must bleach brain now...

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