Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day off

I took the day off. Me'n Mrs. G rode our sleds up to Calpine to the Crew M.C.'s annual picnic, mostly to just go for a little ride. I'm a founding member of the Crew, but no longer active. I gotta get to more of their functions. I only knew about three people. Met some new folks, though.

The picnic was held on the lawn of the Sierra Valley Lodge. The Crew cooked lunch, burgers, potato salad, etc,. standard fare and very good. The owners of the lodge made the best baked beans I ever ate in my life. It was a secret old family recipe. I told the guy to at least fold a copy of it up in his will! They had a pretty good biker bar band on the deck called Trash Gordon, which I hope ain't some kinda omen!

It's a nice winding two-lane mountain road up to Calpine, and not much traffic, which was good because we're still in the break-in phase and didn't run much over 55MPH. Which was the speed limit anyway.

We had a nice day. Later.

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