Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh, the irony...

I missed doing this yesterday because I was infatuated by riding my new motorbike around without the element of fear of getting it towed because I didn't have a license. I'm over that for a few minutes. Heh.

Ironic Times

U.S. Secretly Planning Attack on Iran
According to Pentagon press release.

CIA: Al Qaeda Nearly Defeated
Warns: if we defeat terrorism, the terrorists win.

Audit: Of $8.2 Billion in Iraq Defense Contracts, $7.7 Billion Unaccounted For
Contractors cite “don't ask, don't tell.”

Shuttle Delivers New Toilet To Space Station
And some magazines.

Gov’t Home Price Index Posts Largest Drop in 17-Year History
Cardboard box price index hits 17-year high.

Saudi Arabia Rejected Bush's Request to Boost Oil Output
Granted Cheney's request to do nothing.

Reports: Inflation Up, Home Prices Down, Health Care Costs Rising, Consumer Confidence Falling, Housing Foreclosures Soar, Prices Plunge
Stocks finish higher for week.

And isn't that really what it's all about?

And as a pæan to my creaky generation:

Woodstock Museum Opens
Features wide doorways, wheelchair ramps, strategically placed oxygen stations.

What, no geriatrics-trained EMTs? Harrumph!

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