Tuesday, August 12, 2008

He might as well have been wiping his ass with it...

Ms. Smith Goes To Washington

Another picture came to mind. Does it occur to Bush that he is sitting in the country that bought all of the red ink that he and his criminal administration could supply? Has Bush or any of his minions given any thought as to what we could use for collateral, I wonder?

I have. The highest debt ever, we thought at one time, was "charged" up by the Reagan/Bush Number One administration, but again, another Republican administration this time, outdid them all. We Americans cannot afford Republicans (my em).

Debt, death, and destruction and people want to argue or even think about who to vote for? Why are those three "D's" not considered as dishonoring the US flag?

Most of us Americans look to our US flag as a symbol of freedom and the unity of the states of this nation, one brotherhood, neighbor to neighbor ... life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for one and all. A living, breathing democracy. How is that possible for those Americans who put their trust in US leadership and US military, when they are either losing their jobs, their homes and livelihoods, losing their lives, or after serving this country, are homeless, without benefits, and living on the streets?

How is that possible for Americans who are constantly being harassed through Bush GOP legislation? Through constant privatization and constant deregulation ... the killing off of everything our flag symbolizes. A slow death of what every American wants to believe in. And, do we hear Americans complaining? Voicing their anger? Their rage? Not loud enough!

None of this is being headlined, except on the Internet. The big guy media treat Bush as if he was really somebody, not as the head of a branch of government that needs to be pursued for crimes against humanity, as if the lives of over 5,000 innocent Americans are not worth that ... as if the spent lives of over a million innocent men, women, and children are not worth seeking justice for them. It's called accountability for Afghanistan, Iraq, and New Orleans, and anyone in government who supported the Bush regime. Anyone and everyone.

Get 'em, Shirley.

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