Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain: Obama Is Too Smart To Be President

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John McCain today said that his opponent Barack Obama is "too smart to be president".

"We don't need another wise guy like Bill Clinton to balance the budget and make the economy grow.

What America really needs is four more years with a backslapping clown like me winking and schmoozing with all my Washington insider pals like David Broder, Cokey Roberts and Wolf Blitzer.

My reporter buddies don't give a rats ass about my connections to the oil industry, my nine mansions or my $800 pair of Bruno Magli shoes with the solid gold taps.

All they care about is being invited to those exclusive cocktail parties with all the powerbrokers.

If the Washington insider press was really on the ball they might figure out who the real elitists are," said McCain to a standing ovation by the Washington Press Corps.

No shit, but that'll happen about the time we're dodgin' falling excreta from aviating porcines.

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