Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hookers and Blow at RNC

ABC News

As residents of New Orleans were fleeing Hurricane Gustav, top Republican party officials donned pink boas and swigged vodka shots at a wild whirl of corporate and lobbyist-paid parties this weekend in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Many corporate sponsors and their lobbyists carried through with plans for lavish entertainment of GOP lawmakers and others despite calls from the campaign of Sen. John McCain that Republicans should tone down the convention festivities.

Yet, last night lobbyists for the National Rifle Association, Lockheed Martin and the American Trucking Association put on a raucus six-hour party at a downtown bar featuring music by the band "Hookers and Blow." There was no evidence of any actual prostitutes or cocaine.

Oh, they were there. Ya gotta know what to look for. The prostitutes were probably not all female, and would have looked more like executives than streetwalkers, not that there's much actual difference between the two in Repugland. Lobbyists can afford the good stuff.

As for cocaine, it's always done in the Ladies' Room because there's a lock on the door, so ya gotta watch for dudes goin' in and out of there. The pink boas may have been camouflage. Heh.

Business as usual at the RNC. Who cares about the peasants downriver?


Blogs mock 'Hookers and Blow' party at RNC

This deal is funnier'n shit and more than a little symbolic of Repug indulgence and indifference, but the band has never had this much publicity and I bet they're lovin' it!

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