Monday, September 1, 2008

Rhymes with 'icepick'. As in 'right through his McFoot'.

I am having so much fun with all the reactions to McCain's Vice pick of the First Lady of America's Icebox that I could just shit! I gotta admit, most of the fun is watching the die-hard Repug dead-enders trippin' all over themselves trying to figure out reasons to support her.

I think the funniest one was by Steve Doo(fus)cy and Cindy McNext-Ex that Gov. Palin has National Security Experience because Alaska is right next to Russia. I damn near had to call 911 to have the EMTs bring me some oxygen after that one! And to reattach my ass that fell off, I laughed so hard.

Here's some of Pablo's takes:

This is just getting better and better!

I never thought I'd say this, but, Thank You, Senator McCain for finally doing something wonderful for the United States by ensuring you don't get elected because of your absolute lack of good judgment that is now plain for all to see. Heh.

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