Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still headin'...

Spent the night at the Days Inn in beautiful downtown Adelanto. Not the Prins Shmendrick, but it'll do. As to the availability of weed and sex, Mrs. G is with me so I didn't ask...

The motel is run by an Indian couple named Patel. Nice folks. I mentioned that I finally met Patels who lived up to the name of 'innkeeper', and the lady corrected me thus, "Oh, no. It is just a popular name, like Gonzales." I can dig their frame of reference given the sign on the business next door, 'Llantera - cambios de aceite'.

A lovely find a block away for dinner last night - La Botana. Very, very good.

Adelanto has a motorcycle race track right on US 395 in the middle of town. I raced there on Saturday nights 30 years ago. It was a TT and 1/2-Mile track then, but it's a Motocross track now. Times change. It wasn't in the middle of town then either.

Adelanto is also home to the BRAC-ed George AFB, and near El Mirage Dry Lake which you've seen in TV commercials and movies, trust me on that.

I used to do a lot of my desert riding near here as well. This area holds lots of good memories.

We're headin' on down into Riverside this morning to take care of some business with the owner of this outfit, and then on to brother Dave's house in the San Fernando Valley and then to Arnie's Bidet B'day party. Later.

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