Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kathy Griffin & Richard Clarke's Flirtfest

Man, I am so sick of reading about Crazy Becky and his reign over The Land Of The Tiny-Brained that I thought I'd bring ya something kinda sweet and funny.


Move over Levi Johnston, Kathy Griffin is hot for Richard Clarke! The comedienne made a few unsubtle advances at the global terrorism expert on Bill Maher Friday night, begging him to stop eying her rack and trying to start a discussion about his penis. Clarke, who is unmarried, egged her on by suggestively wagging his tongue and licking his teeth and lips at her.

"Are you getting more interested in dating Kathy Griffin?" Maher asked him.

"Oh, I've been interested for a long time!" Clarke responded.

Go watch the video and read the comments. 'Work safe' depending on where you work.

Note to Richard Clarke: Best o' luck, pal. I think hookin' up with her would be a life-changer. Heh.

Here's a rule for survival: Cold steel, hard cash, dry socks, and stay away from red-headed wimmen.

Then again, survival ain't everything...

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