Thursday, September 17, 2009

Repuglican Gomorrah

My subtitle: Fuck me good, Jesus. Nobody else does.

Article in Harper's that promises hope and salvation. For US! Praise the Lord! A good read.

Republican Gomorrah – Six Questions for Max Blumenthal

3. You record repeatedly how religious right figures embrace conservative sexual mores, and how an amazing number of them break these taboos, become enmeshed in scandal—only to ask forgiveness and announce their adherence to the same taboos. [...]

Followers of the Christian right openly admit that they have no capacity to restrain themselves from total depravity without constant, stern commandments from an angry God.

These figures believe if they don’t do what God supposedly wants them to do they will descend immediately and inevitably into sin and perversion – because that’s what they want to do.

What a fucking cop-out! Plain old hypocrisy. So what else is new about phony christians?

If Fromm were alive, he would point to Dobson as the modern realization of the “magic helper” who “promises excitement and offers a political structure and symbols which allegedly give meaning and order to an individual’s life.” Fromm would also recognize in Dobson the sadomasochistic tendencies that he says are essential to the authoritarian character–the simultaneous drive to hurt the weak and worship the strong.

Indeed, Dobson’s bestselling childrearing handbook, Dare To Discipline, is little more than a manual for creating sadomasochists. [...]

All good 'christians' too. Yeesh.

Sarah Palin is the archetype of the crisis-wracked right-wing woman. She advertises herself as a feminist to people who oppose women’s liberation and favors abstinence education and “family values” moral crusades while her own family resembles a Jerry Springer episode. This seemingly conflicted dynamic is familiar to women among the Republican grassroots. Thus they relate to her on an intimate, emotional level that transcends issues and even ideology.

They like her because she's as fucked-up as they are. Wonderful.

Finally, after a string of disastrous interviews with the mainstream press, Palin phoned in to Dobson’s radio show for her last major campaign media spot. Without any scrutiny from the secular media, Palin declared herself a “hardcore pro-lifer” and urged all the “prayer warriors” to flood the polls for her and McCain. Dobson pleaded aloud, directing his prayers heavenward: “We’re rather boldly asking for a miracle with regard to the election this year.”

Here's the absolute essence of christianity: "Miracles yesterday, miracles tomorrow, sorry, no miracles today." Whew!

The article ends on an up note:

But only a miracle, or a terribly ineffectual Obama administration, can save the Republican Party from the movement that has taken it over and driven it to destruction.

Nobody, but nobody, could be that ineffectual other than Repugs. Thank you, Lord.

Also, here's former(?) right wing christoloony Frank Schaefer giving the lowdown on the other christowhackoffs to Rachel Maddow. Fast forward to about 6:20.

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