Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Toys That Teach

Christmas is coming, and you must know some kids you'd like to give these to and set them on a productive career path. Heh.

Go see the slide show of The 7 Most Inappropriate Products For Children. Don't worry about a 'liquid alert'. Your jaw will drop so far you won't be able to drink.

Stuffed STDs

"My child has herpes!" If that's something you'd like to yell without your child actually being infected with a venereal disease then these plushies are for weirdo.

There's a couple of these that I think are actually kinda cool, but I'm probably not the world's leading role model. Like the 'Toy Tattoo Gun'. The Prison Industry Complex will probably give these out by the thousands...

Toys today seem to be a lot cooler than when I was a kid. I had a toy gas station once, and it led me to a life of being a gas station attendant and later a mechanic. Maybe if I'da had a toy briefcase fulla play money and a toy gay hooker I coulda been a rich Repug politician without ever having to work a day in my life. Who knows where these toys will take today's kids?

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