Thursday, September 3, 2009

" Maoist indoctrination camps except with less rice."

The Rude Pundit on President Obama's upcoming commie indoctrination speech to students:

Some abusive parents have decided that their blind ideology is more important than exposing their children to ideas not approved by Rush Limbaugh and are actually preventing them from watching the speech. Because why? They're afraid Obama will seem like a nice guy when he doesn't have a Hitler mustache?

Oh, sweet, stupid motherfuckers who shouldn't have been allowed to breed, like it or not, when someone is the President, that person is the President of all of us. So, sorry, conservatives madly craning your necks to lick your own taints over Obama's speech, he's your President, too. The only way he's not your President is if you leave the country. On the left, we lived with that knowledge for 8 years. You're not even up to ten months. A little advice here: let this one go.

Or maybe we should put a positive spin on the ignorance on display here. Maybe this actually accomplishes Bill Ayers' goals in education moreso than sitting and watching the speech. Indeed, maybe what the parents are teaching their kids is to question authority. So, in that context, dear, dumb assholes, good luck with that when your kids become teenagers.

Teenagers questioning authority? Why, I never heard of such a thing! (Chortle) Be careful what you wish for...

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