Friday, September 4, 2009

Shopping Day

It's a shopping day, starting with breakfast at Q's. I'm thinkin' of chicken fried steak 'n eggs. Thinkin' of it pretty much to the exclusion of all else right now, so I'll leave ya with a coupla little tidbits:

Welcome Back To Pottersville

Assclowns of the Week #76: Reading the Tea Leaves/Labor Day edition

So hop on board the conservative clown car and let’s peer in the windows and laugh at these August assclowns and much, much more!

#6 is my favorite.

P.M. Carpenter

Progressive malpractice

The health-care "debate" has dragged on so long and consumed so much political oxygen -- thank you, Congress -- we're becoming brain-damaged players in a vast stage management of vastly superfluous scripts. Worse, we are reaching the point of empty hype and hysteria over rational engagement.

Naturally I exclude the right from the "we" of that diagnosis, since they're beyond brain-damaged. They flatlined long ago, the poor dears, and now feature themselves in nothing but -- even for Roger Corman -- bad Roger Corman flicks. With pupils dilated and arms rigidly extended their call goes forth, "Must ... kill ... progress."

But what of the still-conscious actors? [...]

Well, Fixer covered a slight show of consciousness. We will see...

See yas later.

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