Thursday, November 19, 2009

I apologize in advance for this one

The Rude Pundit goes off on the Coultergeist and takes me with him.

From Ann Coulter's latest "column" (if by "column," you mean, "the wracking, phlegm-spewing death cough of a self-mutilating she-beast quickly fading into an acid bath of obscurity and irrelevance"), a look at the qualities of diversity in a nation, re: the shooting at Fort Hood and the upcoming terrorist trials in New York City:

"Never in recorded history has diversity been anything but a problem. [...]

She continues, after a few more irrelevant examples, "'Diversity' is a difficulty to be overcome, not an advantage to be sought. [...]

[...] Because what you are actually witnessing is the pathetic last heaves of outrage-mongering by Ann Coulter, who is stumbling around like a coke-snorting heiress who's shoved her inheritance up her nose and is begging to still be let past the velvet rope into the club she helped build. She'll be blowing Glenn Beck for appearances any day now.

Now there's a visual I can live with!

You've heard of a 'Pyhrric victory', right? That's where the cost of winning is so great that the victory is a virtual loss.

So here you have a wraith, in the 'dangerous and evil being' sense, in Coulter, who can cause a normal man to lose a hard-on in her mouth, whippin' some skull on a most decidedly abnormal man who can't get a woody anyway! Ha! And for what? Some moonbat airtime on her way out.

Call it a pyhorreic victory. Sorry.

Here's the punch line of a joke about Coulter on her honeymoon. I go to some awful places for you folks. Heh.

Fuck me' says the exasberrated doorman, 'she's got gonnorrhea so you can't fuck her, pyhorrea so you can't kiss her and diarrhea so you can't even take her from behind! Why DID you marry this woman?'

'Well, says the hotel guest, as he adjusted his fishing rod, 'she's a great source for worms'

(rimshot) You should pardon the expression.

Thanks, RP. You made my day.

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