Monday, November 16, 2009

Iraq: It's Still All About The Oil

Did Big Oil Win the War in Iraq?

Shorter: Yes. Just the way they were supposed to. Just as Cheney/Bush meant for them to when they started the Iraqi Oil Grab War. Not as big a victory as they had hoped because Iraq gets some of the money.

By the way, if there are any lingering doubts as to what Cheney's secret 'Energy Task Force' meeting with oil company execs was about in 2002 several months before the war plans were announced, it was about divvying up Iraq's oil. To their everlasting and rare credit, they demurred at that time. Taking the nation to unnecessary war to steal the oil outright was too much even for them. It worked out OK for 'em. They're getting in on it now.

Before the Invasion

In January 2000, 10 days into President George W. Bush’s first term, representatives of the largest oil and energy companies joined the new administration to form the Cheney Energy Task Force. As part of its deliberations, the task force reviewed a series of lists titled "Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Contracts" naming more than 60 companies from some 30 countries with contracts in various stages of negotiation.

None of contracts were with American nor major British companies, and none could take effect while the U.N. Security Council sanctions against Iraq remained in place. Three countries held the largest contracts: China, Russia and France -- all members of the Security Council and all in a position to advocate for the end of sanctions.

Were Saddam to remain in power and the sanctions to be removed, these contracts would take effect, and the U.S. and its closest ally would be shut out of Iraq’s great oil bonanza. (my em)

That sentence alone tells the whole story of why Saddam had to go. It's a good thing that he's gone, of course, but it had nothing to do with any of the lies we were told, although we've known that from the gate. "We're going to oust Saddam and steal Iraq's oil" wouldn't have worked as an excuse for war. Probably.

All the oil in the world was not worth hundreds of thousands of dead and injured, trillions of dollars, and repercussions that will be with us for the rest of this century.

Except in the eyes of the neocon oilmen who hijacked the United States to enrich their accomplices. May God damn George Bush and Dick Cheney. Today would be fine.

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