Thursday, February 4, 2010

Calamari for everybody!


Giant Humboldt squid taking Southland anglers by storm

Go see the picture! I've had little bitty squids wrap themselves around my hook, but nothing like this!

Anglers from all over Southern California are crowding area landings for a chance to fish for the giant squid, which are reportedly a lot of fun to catch and put up quite a fight when boated, usually dousing those nearby with gallons of cold seawater and/or ink.

Doused with gallons of squid ink? Well, not my idea of the dream day on the water, but to each their own.

"The fishing was squidtastic!" said Michael Gannon, of San Clemente, who was aboard the Clemente out of Dana Wharf on Sunday. "My arms are about to fall off because the squid are so huge and put up such a fight."

Also called jumbo squid, they were once found primarily off South America and have slowly expanded their territory.

Good thing there's no global warming, huh? In a few years this report might come from the Bering Sea.

In the 'comments' to the article, some folks are saying this happens once in a while and is no big deal, others are saying it forebodes Armaggedon. ¿Quien sabe?


Go see the video at HuffPo. Ya gotta wait for the awful title-of-this-post-related pun at the end! Heh.

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