Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If yer making $250K ...

You can afford to pay a little more tax:


More importantly than that, the tax increases on the $250,00+ set are marginal tax increases which only apply in excess of $250,000. People making, say, $300,000 aren't going to see their tax bill increase by very much.

I'm tired of all the sniveling from the well-to-do, but what bugs me more is the sniveling from poor folks who think the well-to-do are taxed too much.

Listen to me.

1. The rich don't care about anyone of a lower economic class than they are. That means you.

2. "Trickle-down Economics" doesn't work. The rich don't "spread the wealth", they hold onto it.

3. Somebody's gonna have to pay. Better those who can afford it than those who can't. Protecting the rich from taxes only assures that the rest of us are gonna pick up the bill.

4. If you fall into the demographic of people making less than $250K, you shouldn't be voting for Republicans. They're not even protecting your "moral values", let alone your financial security.

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I'm so fucking tired of people complaining about taxes. How the fuck do you expect to run a country? How do you expect to fight these wars that so many seem to love? It's unbelievable to me how brainwashed we are to believe we can have everything we want without having to pay for it.

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