Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guantanamo beats Illinois: Sen. Hatch

The Swamp on comments by Sen. Hatch (R[etard] - Cultah):

All things considered, one senator suggested today, the accused terrorists housed at the military-run prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are better off than they might be at a state prison in Illinois that the Obama administration wants to buy for them.

If the terrorists view Guantanamo as a rallying cry for recruitment of new terrorists, he suggested, wait until they see Thomson.

"It's pretty nice compared to Illinois -- the place in Illinois where they want to put them," Hatch said in the committee hearing. "It'd be nice and cold in the winter time and... all I can say is that I imagine there'll be a hue and a cry that we're not fair by bringing them here."

I think Hatch is confusing a prison cage in Cuba with the warm fair breezes and room service at wherever he and Rushole stay in the Dominican Republic.

Prison's prison. It's about the loss of freedom, not the weather.

The arguments for keeping these prisoners out of the U.S. where they might perhaps come under the protection of the Constitution and thus be less of a recruiting tool for al Qaeda are getting feebler and feebler.

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