Saturday, February 6, 2010

No cabin fever here...

...but it's perfectly OK to go crazy outdoors!

All that's on the news today is the snowstorm back east. With Amtrak and the airports in D.C. shut down, perhaps we'll get a coupla days of good government, i.e. none!

Anyway, some people know how to have fun with winter. More likely they just know how to have fun and screw winter. Check out these Krauts. I suspect the involvement of alcohol...might be a little 'watch this!' thrown in...

Elefantentreffen Arcitc-Nudes (0°C), Mud-Hillclimb & Boxer-Pirouette

Fortsetzung folgt!!!

I can't wait...

53.BVDM Elefantentreffen 2009 (1) in Thurmansbang-Solla / Germany

In for a pfennig, in for a dollar update:

Here's a vid of this year's Elephant Rally, just put on YouTube today. Call it "post-apocalyptic snow camping" or just plain fun. Hey, these are Fixer's people! Hardy, fun-loving, and more than a little crazy! In the good way.

I understand very little of what these folks are saying, but I understand this - motorcyclists are the same the world over. I'd feel right at home there.

See also Teil 1. Shows folks arriving at the campground, with a musical reference to the Donner Party, I think. Heh. I could watch these all day. Oh, it's snowing again. Probly will...

Danke to amandeis, Germany.

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