Friday, April 30, 2010

Arizona: Poster-State for Republican Rule

P.M. Carpenter

[...] Arizona, that microcosm of Republican Government Unbound, is "a state in mob-rule frenzy of cranky old men."

Harrumph. Speaking as an old man who can be crankier'n shit, I resemble that remark...

Jon Stewart, noted Egan, has aptly called the state the "meth lab of democracy." "But," Egan continued, "Arizona is more than a laboratory for intemperate times: this place is a warning of what a state" -- or our country -- "can look like when it’s run by talk-radio demagogues and their television cohorts. [Its] crackpot laws owe their genesis to the crackpots who dominate Republican politics, who in turn cannot get elected without the backing of crackpot media."

I guess the craziness has to run its course. I hope people realize someday how bad they've been suckered and STFU and slink away in shame and let the country progress for a while.


At least AZ's stupid-ass 'birther bill' won't become law.

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