Thursday, April 29, 2010

Queen Of Denial

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Oh, how cute. Laura writes a book.

But rest assured, she doesn't just complain about those mean Democrats calling her incompetent, lying, loser husband an incompetent lying loser. She also gives some more details about how she feels really bad about that time she killed a man. But it's not like it was really her fault. As she points out, even Ralph Nader said the car the victim was driving was unsafe at any speed. And who would argue with Ralph Nader?

I read Nader's Unsafe At Any Speed many, many years ago. Nader was right, if somewhat overstated although he made a name for himself, about early model Corvairs - they had a long wheelbase that let the weight of the rear engine drift the rear end in turns at too high a speed, and an axle design that produced peculiar handling qualities and had a propensity to cause rollovers.

They haven't invented a car yet that's very safe when a drunk teenager runs a stop sign and plows into it, and in those days before seat belts, "Nader bars" in the doors, collapsible steering columns, and when the sheet metal was designed to look good instead of crumple around you, you were just screwed, maybe dead.


NYTimes book review:

Throughout her tenure in the White House, Laura Bush was often described in faintly condescending terms as an old-fashioned first lady, as “the perfect wife,” as the anti-Hillary who “knows her place” and wanted only to stand by her man. At worst, she was described as a Stepford wife with a faintly medicated aura; at best, as a gracious foil to her blustering frat boy of a husband. Commentators found it hard to believe that her favorite book was “The Brothers Karamazov,” or if they did, they wondered what she was doing married to that language-mangling gut player, George W.

That's easy - she was counting on the Chimp's drinking to kill him and leave her a rich widow. When that didn't happen, 'faintly medicated' doesn't begin to describe it.

The book? "Spin and canned platitudes". If she told the truth about that wimp sonofabitch husband of hers, the Bushes would put out a hit on her.

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