Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blues 'n Blahs

So on Monday the weather was beautiful. I dug my 'sickle out and put the battery in, topped off the gas and tires and went for the first ride of the season. Super. Since then it's been been raining, then snaining, now it's snowing. Blah.

I found a place in Michigan that will repair the dead stator on my Sherco (photo). He specializes in low production oddball Spanish motorcycle electrics, primarily Motosplat, but he says he can fix my Leonelli component. It's really arcane niche shit, but I wanta get it off to him so maybe I'll get it back in time for the consistently nice weather that may come. What this means is I have to take a buncha parts off the sled in freezing weather.

So I guess you could say I've got the blues - mood, fingers, toes, nips. Blah.

I hope ya like this pretty song and slide show.

The Desert Rose Band ~ Shades Of Blue
Thanks to nipsterstang, Western Michigan.

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