Friday, April 9, 2010

FauxNews poll finds Americans favor ‘IRS’ over ‘Tea Party’

Don't worry. F**Noise will no doubt protect their viewers from this startling news by suppressing the results of their own poll. Heh.

Raw Story, lotsa links.

After months upon months of enthusiastic, cheer-leading coverage of any rally that involved tea, tea bagging or tea partying, the Fox News network has miraculously disproved itself by producing a new poll that finds Americans think more highly of the Internal Revenue Service than they do the vocal conservative minority.

Note to the teabaggers (there must be some of you who can read well enough to slowly read this): If the IRS is more popular than you are, you should shoot yourself.

There are some other poll results from this and other polls that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy, but buried way down the piece is this jewel:

Because of her recent speech to the 67th annual Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America expo (which received rather bitter reviews), Palin was offered $25,000 by Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws to give a short pep talk to their group. ​"There's no reason why former Governor Palin should reject our offer," a spokesman jokingly said, citing how much safer cannabis is than alcohol.

One possible reason why she'd decline: according to The New York Times, Palin charges up to $100,000 per appearance -- something that even tea partiers have chided her for and a fee the alcohol purveyors presumably paid.

Though she did not address any issues specific to the wine and spirits industries, Palin did emphasize one term in particular during her speech to the conference. According to Tom Wark's wine blog, she was all about "deregulation" in a fuzzy, non-specific sense: likely the wrong theme to employ while speaking to a room of professionals who serve an industry that strongly supports special regulations springing from the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, which Palin would now appear to be against, just on general principle.

Trailer Trash Barbie hasn't got a fuckin' clue about anything other than gullible people will pay to hear her shit, nor does she have much in the way of 'principles', but she sure has a big screechy mouth and at a hunnert large a time she'll do whatever you want, sailor.

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